Monday, July 1, 2013

ISTE Wrap Up

What a great conference my last ISTE was four years ago in San Antonio as a newbie tech person I was a little overwhelmed by the magnanimity of conference.  Four year later I was still overwhelmed.  Great sessions, great thinkers and great ideas!  Here were my big take a ways.

1.  Twitter Rules:  I did not take a single note via Word, Evernote, or any type of text tablet.  I simply just tweeted out all my thoughts and re-tweet others for my take home and implementation.  I just finished compiling all my tweets into categories to help me organize and implement.

2.  The power is in the people.  As great as social networks are there is still power in meeting the people that  I follow or know via the Internet.  It also is introduced me to new people and made some great connections.

3.  Time:  It is so precious to all of us we have make the most out of face to face training. Why are we wasting time training skills that can be taught by a 3 minute video.  Lets use face to face training for deep rich learning that affects our students!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snipping Tool in Windows 7

Have you ever wanted to take a quick screen shot of your screen or a portion of your screen to copy and paste into a Word or PowerPoint?  There is a quick and easy way to do this in Windows Vista, 7, and hopefully 8.  Sorry XP people you will need to upgrade.  I use this feature so much I put a shortcut on my Launch Bar so I can get to easily when I need it.

To get to the Snipping tool...
Start Button --->
All Programs --->
Accessories  --->
Snipping Tool  --->