Friday, February 12, 2010

Reading 2.0: Bluebonnet Books + Moodle + Video Conferencing

Presenter:  Roxanne Glaser

Partnered with Baylor University

Overview:  Baylor students partner with local elementary students using Bluebonnet Books.  Baylor students act as reading mentors for children and final project is a seven minute dramatization of the book.

The Big Picture:
  • Teachers select books (Bluebonnet Books)
  • Baylor students meet their partner classes via video conference
  • Each class and their Baylor partners Moodle
  • Each class creates 7 minute presentation to sell their books

The First Meeting:
  • Quick intro from Baylor students and elementary kids using VC  if you dont have a cart use Skype
  • The Balyor students were reading mentors to the students
  • From the face to face virtual meeting they moved straight into the Moodle course
Student Presentations:
  • Students do a dramatization of the book
  • They write a script
  • Preform for their Baylor mentor

Where is the learning:
  • Classroom students
  • Baylor Students
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Project Coordinators
Helpful hints...
  • Ease students in

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Google Transliterate: Type with an English Keyboard in any Language

Schools have to serve a growing number of diverse populations and have to communicate with everyone. Here is great tool to type letters up to send home. With any translator there is going to be errors but trying to communicate is better than not communicating at all.

Go Check it out... Google Transliterate

Note: This does not translate it transliterates word for word what you type. It will not correct the grammar or sentence structure. For example in the Spanish language adjectives come after the noun and in English the adjectives come before the noun it does not correct for inconsistencies between languages.