Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Media Tools Using Marzano's Nine

TASCD Presentation 10/21/2008

Thank you all for attending we had great time sharing. All links are clickable in the PowerPoint below.

Link to video used in the presentation. (Click Here)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Distance Learning 2.0 (How to get started)

What do you need to engage your students with collaborative partners next door or around the world? Start small think big and don't spend a lot of money.

Web 2.0 sites: See slideshow for hyperlinks

  • Skype: The standard for free voip service and videos calls
  • ooVoo: Multi user connectivity
  • DimDim: Open Source version of WebEx. Share the desktop chat with a group. Most Functional of all applications.
  • MeBeam: Easiest of all to use. You dont even need an account

Collaboration Sites: See slideshow for hyperlinks

  • CILC: Colaboration site for teacher student projects
  • Beyond the classroom: Ning site where you can join like minded teachers

Friday, October 3, 2008

Move Over Survey Monkey Google Forms is here and its Free

A great tool for teachers or students to collect data is a survey. Survey Monkey was the Web standard, but there is a small fee involved. However, Google Forms is powerful enough for most surveys and you are not limited to the number of surveys you send out. It does not have the disaggregation of data tools that Survey Monkey has but you can't beat the price. Free

Video on Creating a Survey
Check out out the created survey