Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Five Great Sites to download FREE Audio books and e-books

With iPods, mp3 players, PDA’s and Smartphone’s becoming a staple in today technoholic world I have comprised a list of free sites which you can download e-books and audio books at no cost. Audio books are great to listen to while in the dole drum of traffic or long road trips. You might as well get smarter with all the time you spend in the car. So whether you are in traffic or at the gym try putting some classics on your device.

Most of these books are classics so they are great for students and children who want get acquainted with great pieces of literature.

Project Gutenberg: Has both e-books and Audio books

LibriVox: Excellent site with a twist

  • Audio Books Incredible selections with a Web 2.0 twist you can not only download books but you can record your own and upload them for others to listen to.

Infomotions: Large collections of public domain books

Learn Out Loud: Books, speeches, and topical lectures this site has it all

  • Audio Books There is a paid version of this site but stay with the free stuff. Excellent resource for historical speeches.

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