Monday, September 15, 2008

Creating an Online Quiz using Google Docs (Form)

Click here to view or take the online Quiz that was created using google Forms.

Click here to view or take an online survey that ws created using Google Forms

Easy to create online quiz. Answers are neatly put into Google Spreadsheet to be graded at teachers convience.


Rob Butler said...

Thanks for your post. I took your idea and used it to add a 'contact me' page to my blog. I look forward in future to using Google forms with the pupils.

Phtar said...

Dig! Using Google Docs to create online quiz in classroom is a good way for assessment. Besides creating quizzes with Google Docs, you aslo can self-grading the quiz with it, click to view the guide about Grading Quizzes Created by Google Docs

Geetanjali said...

Thanks for this post. We can also create self grading quiz using HTML form, so that we can add custom css according to our requirement. Data will be saved and submitted to the Google Spreadsheet. Click here to get the app.