Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Start the Year Off Right With a Technology Resoloution

With the start of the New Year I would like to encourage you to try something new in your classroom using technology. Here are a few ideas.

Click on the Hyperlink to see examples:

CPS: (using the remotes)
Podcast: Create a weekly podcast that could include homework, spelling list, or tutorials
Video Camera: Have students or teacher video review tutorials
Google Form: Create an online test that is easy to grade
Classroom Blog: Document your day or post questions for student feedback Starting a channel for your classroom
Photostory: Create classroom project using digital still pictures (on website half way down the page)
Movie Maker: Create classroom project using video (on website half way down the page)
Wiki: Collaborative website where teacher and students create content

Remember the Keep It Simple method. Technology is supposed to save you time not add to it.

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