Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PowerPoint to iPod Compatible mp4

PowerPoint is a simple program to produce your own flashcards or tutorials for your students to use on their iPods or classroom set.
Free Software that you will need:


Fantastic Powerpoint said...

Good sharing. I helps us save a lot. Pity that it is a little time-consuming. And, what's more, the animation or the transition may be lost. If you have enough budget, some PPT to Video converter may help.

Rob Lundy said...

One of the tools I've come across that I'm starting to like is SCATE Ignite. It will allow you to import PowerPoint and export to an iPod compatible format (.mp4). Theres also a bunch of other formats that you can use, including straight to youtube or ignitecast.

They have free trials on the Scate Ignite website.