Monday, December 7, 2009

OpenDNS: Web Security

OpenDNS is a great tool for filtering the web at home or at your K-12 institution. I have been searching for a good content filter for my home computers and after looking around I never found anything that meet all my requirements. I wanted something that filtered content, did not slow down my computers, but gave me options and control. After reading an article on Lifehacker on the best Internet filters to use I decided to give OpenDNS a try. OpenDNS suggest you install it at the router level, which I did, this enables you to filter content on any computer that logs on to your network. I was amazed at the simplicity of the install and controls.

I went with the free version, however there is a home upgrade for $9.95 a year. They also have special K-12 pricing. (See Pricing)

Installing is easy...

As my colleagues always say there is so substitution for adult supervision

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