Friday, February 12, 2010

Reading 2.0: Bluebonnet Books + Moodle + Video Conferencing

Presenter:  Roxanne Glaser

Partnered with Baylor University

Overview:  Baylor students partner with local elementary students using Bluebonnet Books.  Baylor students act as reading mentors for children and final project is a seven minute dramatization of the book.

The Big Picture:
  • Teachers select books (Bluebonnet Books)
  • Baylor students meet their partner classes via video conference
  • Each class and their Baylor partners Moodle
  • Each class creates 7 minute presentation to sell their books

The First Meeting:
  • Quick intro from Baylor students and elementary kids using VC  if you dont have a cart use Skype
  • The Balyor students were reading mentors to the students
  • From the face to face virtual meeting they moved straight into the Moodle course
Student Presentations:
  • Students do a dramatization of the book
  • They write a script
  • Preform for their Baylor mentor

Where is the learning:
  • Classroom students
  • Baylor Students
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Project Coordinators
Helpful hints...
  • Ease students in

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