Wednesday, December 1, 2010

YouTube: Test Tube & Video Editor

Google has Labs for product development, but did you know YouTube also has their own idea incubator? Its called Test Tube. (Those people at Google are so clever)

Here is the list of trial apps YouTube as hidden for your educational enjoyment. I am going to list them in order of educational importance.

Top Six...
Video Editor: I have been saving my pennies to one day afford Final Cut Express so I can edit HD Video. Problem solved... Upload HD Video and edit online. The video editor also comes with a built in music library no more copyright worries.

Caption Editor: Create Captions for your video. This would be great for ELL students.

Lean Back + YouTube Android Remote: subscribe to educational channels and surf the channels just like you would at home with a remote.

Insight: Discover what different audiences like doing on YouTube. This is perfect for a sociology class. Its also great for statistical data.

Music Discovery: YouTube's answer to Pandora. Select songs and artist to stream music into your classroom. Be careful with this one, some songs have explicit lyrics.

Feather: So your school or district does not have quite enough bandwidth, but they really want to use YouTube in the classroom.

Honorable Mention:
Topic Search: Use Topics to visually lead your quest for cool treasures in YouTube's giant video collection.

Comment Search: Discover videos by searching video comments.

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