Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating Self Grading Quizzes Using Google Forms & Flubaroo

Google makes it easy to build and grade quizzes using Google Forms and an add-on script called Flubaroo. Flubaroo will also graph your scores for easy analysis, itemize questions, and email students with their scores.  Watch the videos below to create a quiz and insert the Flubaroo script to auto-grading your quizzes.  For additional information go to the Flubaroo website.

Step 1: Create a Quiz Using Google Forms

Step 2:  Insert Auto-Grading Script Flubaroo


Jennifer Miller said...

Thanks! I love this.

snoeky said...

Once I have graded a quiz, it looks like I can't go back and look at the summary of responses. Is this then disabled? I would still like to see the graphs of results but this doesn't work anymore. Any thoughts?

Logan J. Skew said...

thanks a lot

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eltreno said...

Have your tried www.classmarker.com.

A great website for creating online exams. Lots of great features.