Friday, September 7, 2012

Communication, Communication, Communication

Did you know that 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being sent?  What a great way to communicate with students and parents!  A simple alert to let them know of upcoming events like field trips, projects, or test.  Here are three ways teachers can send text messages to students without using there cell phone number.

How to send a text through your email client such as Outlook:

You simply need their cell phone number and mobile service provider such as AT&T, Sprint, Altel, etc...

Parents and students need to know the standard disclaimer "standard text message rates will apply"

Here is the formula you need [10 digit telphone number]@


How to send a text through Twitter:

In the last six months Twitter has introduced "Twitter Fast Follow."  This service allows anyone with a cell phone to receive your tweets as text message.  Teachers would need to create a twitter account and then parents and students could subscribe by texting Follow @teachersname to 404-04.  Here is a link to Twitter's easy to set up guidelines. Twitter Fast Follow

There is an APP for that: 

Remind 101 will actually work with any phone but there is a dedicated iPhone app specifically for Remind 101.  Teachers can sign up and receive a code for students and parents to input and receive text messages. No personal information is ever exchanged.  Go check it out. Remind 101