Monday, April 20, 2009

Distance Learning 2.0 meets Web 2.0

Three great sites that will help you with your distance learning objectives.

Tokbox: Add up to 20 people to your conference. The best part is they dont have to have a tokbox account. Simply send them the url of your conference and they can join up. Tokbox also has a twitter button that will send the link twitter friends so they can join up too.

Boostcam: Instant / disposable video conferencing. No username and no password required. Very simple to use. Would be great for people who are a little scared to connect for the first time.

FileinaFlash: Send files over the internet by just sending out the url. No username or password required. Most email services will not let you send a file over 20 megabites so if your in a pinch use this to send large files.


damon said...

Many thanks for the Tokbox mention! Please let us know if you have any recommendations to improve our video conferencing feature.

avadhraj said...

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