Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If You Can Email, You Can Blog

Did you know that you are one email away from blogging from anywhere in the world even your phone? We live in a mobile world and if we cant do it on the go then it does not get done. Example, I love to eat breakfast, but if I am running out of time I grab a pop tart and coffee and I eat it in the car. Now with a few simple steps you can blog from anywhere you can log into your email or a mobile device.
Here is a simple idea for a new classroom blog. Take a picture of classwork or students working and write a few sentences telling about what you covered in class that day. You could do that from the stoplight on your way home from school. Its just a couple clicks away.

Step 1: Open a blogger account. www.blogger.com

Step 2: Click on the Settings Tab

Step 3: In the settings sub menu click on Email & Mobile

Step 4: Select one of the two ways you would like to upload to your blog.

  • Email Posting Address... type in your secret word and send and email to that address and blogger will convert and post it for you. You can also attach pictures that will automatically post.
  • Mobile Device... Click on the add mobile device. Text your key code to 256447 . You will receive a text notification that it is set up. Now when you text from your phone to 256447 it will automatically post to your blog

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