Wednesday, January 13, 2010

YouTube Direct: Another Brilliant Creation by Google

As we become a multimedia society we must teach and train our students to have and use 21st Century skills. However technology changes and evolves so quickly its hard to keep up with standards and infrastructure to support our students learning. What formats should we use: wma, mp3, mwv, mov, mp4, or avi. Once a multimedia creation is made how do we publish it. How can we make sure our audience as the proper codecs to view it?

Google and YouTube have once again created an outside the box idea. Free outsourcing of video content. YouTube Direct lets corporations / educational institutions create their own multimedia hub where they can control their content. It also put a know user interface in the hands of teachers, administrators, and staff so training is minimum. Don't work harder work smarter.

Uses for Education:
  • Record extra-curricular events
  • Outsource video content and storage needs
  • Every teacher and student have the capability to upload content that is monitored then published
YouTube Direct's Official Promo Video

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